Book Review: The Changing Language Roles and Linguistic Identities of the Kashmiri Speech Community

This book is a must-read for sociolinguists interested in language as it relates to identity. It is also useful for those studying language planning and policy, politics of language, minority languages and dialects, and language loss and attrition. It provides a comprehensive overview of the existing body of literature on language and identity and can be valuable as a reference for any work that examines identity within speech communities. The unique context of this study, attrition in a language within its own homeland, makes it an essential reference for any linguist researching language loss in a non-immigrant speech community.

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Book Announcement: A Handout on Medical English for Health Professionals

A Handout on Medical English for Health Professionals now available from Cambridge Scholars Publishing

Hardback, pp228, £61.99 / $105.95

Cambridge Scholars Publishing is pleased to announce the publication of A Handout on Medical English for Health Professionals by Goretti Faya Ornia and Héctor Hernández Lázaro.

This book offers a guide to medical English, and is addressed to healthcare professionals and students with an upper-intermediate level of English. It will also be useful as a handout for specialised English courses offered in medicine, nursing, and physiotherapy degrees, and can be used as a self-study book. Continue reading

Book Announcement: Semiotics and Visual Communication II: Culture of Seduction

Semiotics and Visual Communication II: Culture of Seduction now available from Cambridge Scholars Publishing

Hardback, pp293, £61.99 / $105.95

Cambridge Scholars Publishing is pleased to announce the publication of Semiotics and Visual Communication II: Culture of Seduction, edited by Evripides Zantides.

The chapters in this book consist of selected papers that were presented at the 2nd International Conference and Poster Exhibition on Semiotics and Visual Communication at the Cyprus University of Technology in October 2015. They investigate the theme of the Conference, Culture of Seduction [the seduction of culture] and look at Seduction as in “deception”, not sexual enticement, but as a mechanism of attraction and appeal which has often been the case in many communication strategies and approaches used by mass and popular culture. Seduction has historic and increasing agency in visual communication—the urgency to entice viewers is ever more powerful in difficult economic times, in an increasingly hyper-real world – and designers are led to become exceedingly complicit in its strategies. The contributions here cover a range of approaches from theoretical aspects of seduction in verbal and nonverbal communication, public spaces, design and meaning, seductive strategies, and advertising design, as well as fashion representations and packaging design. Continue reading

Book Review: Reflections on Persian Grammar Developments in Persian Linguistic Scholarship I

Reflections on Persian Grammar: Developments in Persian Linguistic Scholarship I by Dr. A. Soheili is an analysis of the way the Persian grammar description has developed. It is a concise presentation of the most conspicuous stages in its development. Reviewing the grammar description literature and analyzing it in light of modern grammar theories, the book distinguishes itself as the first historical survey of such scholarly work on Persian grammars. From among ca. 2500 treatises and grammar books on Persian, the author has selected around 40 works to illustrate the main progress in the description of the Persian language, which is a very small proportion of the references available. The criterion used in this selection is, principally, the representativity of the work for each developmental period.

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Book Review: Statistics for Linguists: A Step-by-Step Guide for Novices

David Eddington’s book “Statistics for Linguists. A Step-by-Step Guide for Novices” presents a detailed account of the main statistical methods in linguistic analysis, by using the software SPSS 20. From its subtitle, it is clear that the book is intended for newbies who know little or nothing about both statistics and the IBM software SPSS. Moreover, even if graphs and figures refers to the 20th version of the software, in the Introduction the author states that it will work also for the closest versions, either slightly older or newer.

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Book Announcement: The Role of the Self in Language Learning

The Role of the Self in Language Learning now available from Cambridge Scholars Publishing

Hardback, pp175, £58.99 / $99.95

Cambridge Scholars Publishing is pleased to announce the publication of The Role of the Self in Language Learning, edited by Sehnaz Sahinkarakas and Jülide Inozu.

The role played by concepts of the “Self” in the learning of languages has recently received increasing attention in academic studies. In the same way that fingerprints represent each person’s uniqueness, the self here is related to the uniqueness of learners, the way they receive and transmit their identity in the teaching and learning process. It is this uniqueness that brings dynamism, challenge and inspiration to learning and teaching. By focusing on language learners’ self-concept, this book foregrounds the role of the learner in the process of language learning. It presents a number of empirical studies that bring into focus various aspects of the self, and will, as such, be of interest to EFL teachers, researchers and the general reader interested in the self and its effects on learners’ approaches, motivation and interest in foreign language learning. Continue reading

Book Announcement: A Selection of Simple Prose Texts

A Selection of Simple Prose Texts now available from Cambridge Scholars Publishing

Hardback, pp125, £61.99 / $104.95

Cambridge Scholars Publishing is pleased to announce the publication of A Selection of Simple Prose Texts, edited by Ruzbeh Babaee and Siamak Babaee.

This book introduces a number of different types of writing taken from various periods in history and from well-known authors. It serves as an introduction to English-language prose. The texts compiled here are relevant to current social issues and problems, and, as such, will arouse the curiosity and interest of the reader. Continue reading