Guest blog: Robert E. Smith on breast milk and his new book Systems Thinking in Medicine and New Drug Discovery: Volume Two

As part of our observance of World Immunization Week this month, we are pleased to share a guest blog post from Robert E. Smith, taken from his newly published book Systems Thinking in Medicine and New Drug Discovery: Volume Two. Robert holds a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Missouri, and he has served as an Assistant Professor at Park University, USA, and as a science advisor for the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for 16 years. This new book is the second part of a two-volume set that explores a ‘Systems Thinking’ approach to medicine, vaccination, and immunization. Part of this second volume discusses and analyses breast milk as the only true human superfood, and it is this that Robert focuses on in this post. Continue reading


World Immunization Week 2018 – Cambridge Scholars Publishing

This month we are pleased to support World Immunization Week, taking place between the 24th and 30th of April. The World Health Organization estimates that immunization currently prevents between 2-3 million deaths per year, but that almost this amount again could be prevented if global vaccination coverage was to improve. World Immunization Week seeks not only to highlight the importance of vaccines and immunization efforts worldwide, but also to celebrate the commitment and efforts of those individuals who devote their lives to stopping preventable diseases.

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