Meet our Authors: John Anthony Butler – April 2019

John Anthony Butler holds an MA from the University of Toronto and a PhD from the University of Manitoba, Canada. He has taught at the university level in Canada, Nigeria and Japan, and has published several books on seventeenth-century subjects, including a biography of Richard Cromwell and a translation of Lord Herbert of Chirbury’s De religione gentilium, as well as editions of Sir Thomas Herbert’s Travels and Sir Paul Rycaut’s Present State of the Ottoman Empire.

His latest book is an edition of John Greaves’s Pyramidographia (2018), and he has also published a book of essays on little-known travel-writers, Off the Beaten Track (2017).

Under Cambridge Scholars Publishing, John has authored Sir Jerome Horsey’s Travels and Adventures.

John described his experience with Cambridge Scholars Publishing as wholly positive, chiefly praising the pleasant nature of our staff, the speed and quality of the publishing process as well as recommending us to other scholars.

“I am a retired Professor of English currently living in Canada, who has taught at universities in Canada, Nigeria and Japan. My areas are Early Modern Travel Literature, Asian Studies and the Intellectual History of the Seventeenth Century. Cambridge Scholars Publishing provided me with a chance to publish books which were out of the mainstream academic category, which for me is their greatest asset. They are most definitely not a vanity press, and the courtesy as well as the professionalism of their staff was very much appreciated during the publishing process, which was easy, pleasant and efficient, making the whole experience with them a positive one. They are able to produce an excellent-quality product within a short time (under six months), which should also be a recommendation for authors who need to get into print quickly in order to have material on their CVs. All in all, the experience has been very rewarding, and I would certainly suggest that young scholars give CSP serious consideration.”

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Exciting New Publication: Aboriginal People and Australian Football in the Nineteenth Century: They Did Not Come from Nowhere

As the 2019 AFL season has kicked off to a good start, we’d like to announce the recent release of one of our most exciting new books: Aboriginal People and Australian Football in the Nineteenth Century: They Did Not Come from Nowhere by Roy Hay.

It is difficult to overplay the importance of this book. Roy draws on acres of experience and evidence from Indigenous Australian contributors to present a faithful and unflinching profile of the contributions made by Indigenous Australians to the game. He does not shy away from the problematic history of European colonisation and segregation in Australia. Rather he tackles this head-on to demonstrate how Aboriginal Australians overcame these trials to leave a lasting legacy within Australian football. In a society divided by identity politics, this book emphasizes the importance of a sport which, while divisive along team lines, brings people together.

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Interview with Professor Stefaan Missinne (c) Canale 5


Attenzione our Italian and Italian-speaking subscribers!


Take a tour of the Channel 5 Evening News archive to witness our groundbreaking author Professor Stefaan Missinne (The Da Vinci Globe:) discuss the discovery of The Globe at the Italian Art Fair of Parma on Prime Time Italian National TV (3rd of March 2019).


Click this link and travel approximately 28 minutes in to access the interview.


Prime Time. March 3rd 2019 at 20.00 on the Sunday Evening News of Canale 5 (Mediaset).



New Review of The Da Vinci Globe (Professor Stefaan Missinne) by map curator (retired) Newberry Library: Robert Karrow

Please see below for excerpts from Robert Karrow’s review of Dr Stefaan Missinne’s The Da Vinci Globe: a thoroughly well-researched and comprehensive biography of one of history’s most compelling artifacts.

“Missinne demonstrated quite convincingly that the Ostrich Egg Globe (OEG) was actually the original pattern (lost for 500 years) for the mold in which the Lenox globe was cast…And now, five years later, after what has clearly been a huge research undertaking in which he travelled widely and apparently spared no expense, he is back to proclaim that Leonardo da Vinci was, in fact the one and only author and fabricator. There is a good deal to be praised here: Dr. Missinne has obviously devoted himself to his task, tracking down many obscure sources, subjecting the globe to many scientific tests, and providing dozens of high-quality photographs of both the OEG and the Hunt-Lenox globe, as well as numerous color photographs from Leonardo’s notebooks and manuscripts. The microphotography is superb…The book positively bristles with documentation, as if every citation, no matter how little it bears on the OEG, serves to bolster the case for Leonardo as author…Dr. Missinne is a very lucky man…I’m not an expert on ostrich egg art, but I’ve looked at a great many early maps and to my curatorial eye, it “looks right.” I see no explanation for the uncanny concordance of the OEG and the Lenox globe other than a cast made directly from the OEG before the halves of the egg were cemented together. I even find the argument for Leonardo’s authorship pretty convincing, especially given his known experiments with casting metals and the extraordinary depiction of waves (quite unlike the water on any other map I know of, and reminiscent of his other depictions of water and human hair).” 

– Robert W. Karrow Jr, map currator (retired) of the Newberry Library, The Portolan, Spring 2019 pp. 60-63

For the full review: please purchase a copy of Issue 104 of The Portolan from The Washington Map Society (linked below)

Meet our Authors: Takesure Taringana – December 2018

Takesure Taringana is an economic historian and a Lecturer in the Department of Economic History at the University of Zimbabwe. He obtained his BA Honours degree in Economic History and his MPhil in African Economic History in 2008 and 2015 respectively. He has a sharp interest in agricultural commodities and development in Africa, and mainly focuses on coffee production in both colonial and post-colonial Zimbabwe. His research is also concerned with water and development, gender, language, climate change and community development.

In June 2018, Takesure published his first research monograph with Cambridge Scholars Publishing, entitled Agrarian Capitalism and the Development of the Coffee Industry in Colonial Zimbabwe 1900-1980. The book is an important touchstone for economic historians, political economists, and anyone who is interested in the dual logics of capitalism and colonialism as they have played out in Africa over the past 100 years.

Takesure explains why he chose to publish his first book with Cambridge Scholars:

“A major attraction to working with Cambridge Scholars Publishing was their strong reputation and the wide range of subjects that they cover. This offered me a timely and convenient entry into the world of distinguished scholarship. These virtues were further enhanced by Cambridge Scholars’ publicity drive, which enabled my book to reach a wide global readership and, therefore, make a significant impact on global scholarship.

 “I also really enjoyed the efficiency of the publication process, which was the result of a highly interactive relationship between the publisher and me. They managed to live up to their expectations of an author-orientated publishing process – this meant my involvement at every stage of the process, ensuring that my book is exactly what I wanted it to be!

 “As a junior scholar, publishing with Cambridge Scholars was my breakthrough in the scholarly world. It has boosted my confidence and encouraged me in my efforts to make a substantial and ongoing impact in the world of scholarly publishing.”

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Book launch – Protection, Patronage, or Plunder? British Machinations and (B)uganda’s Struggle for Independence

We are delighted to share news that Apollo N. Makubuya’s book Protection, Patronage, or Plunder? British Machinations and (B)uganda’s Struggle for Independence was launched successfully at Mestil Hotel in Kampala on Tuesday the 11th  of December 2018.


A full report and account of the launch can be read here, and please see below for a TV excerpt from Uganda’s national broadcaster.

The book is available directly from Cambridge Scholars Publishing now in hardback, and will be published in due course in a cheaper paperback version. For more information, please contact

Book review: Making America Green and Safe: A History of Sustainable Development and Climate Change

For over 40 years scientists and policy-makers around the world have struggled to build awareness of climate change and to motivate actions that could (a) limit emissions of global warming gases, and (b) build resilience against increasing adverse impacts. This has been the centerpiece of a larger campaign to enable “sustainable development”—creating societies that are committed to long-term prosperity, security, and environmental harmony. Dr. Alan Hecht, who recently retired from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, has been an instrumental player in this decades-long campaign. His new book, “Making America Green and Safe: A History of Sustainable Development and Climate Change” (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2018) gives an inside account of the journey toward sustainability, and emphasizes the need for future collaboration among government, business, and civil society.

The book begins with a historical perspective on the 1960s and 1970s, when growing evidence of environmental pollution stimulated landmark U.S. legislation for clean air, clean water, and responsible management of waste. It then traces the growing international consensus, led by the United Nations, that culminated in the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro. An important factor in this movement was recognition by both business and government leaders that pursuit of sustainability is aligned with economic progress and has yielded beneficial innovations in energy, transportation, manufacturing, and consumer lifestyles. As Hecht explains, political opposition and competing agendas have hampered progress, and subsequent global summits in 2002 and 2012 failed to achieve binding commitments to sustainability goals. Nevertheless, he remains optimistic that wisdom will prevail.

This is a highly readable book aimed at a broad audience, filled with intriguing anecdotes from the author’s personal experiences. For students of climate change science and policy it provides a valuable reference. For concerned citizens it offers an honest and insightful overview of a critical, often misunderstood topic. The book concludes with a compelling overview of global megatrends, including not only climate change but also socioeconomic changes that represent both challenges and opportunities for sustainability.

Reviewed by:

Joseph Fiksel
Professor Emeritus
The Ohio State University