The Story of Offshore Arctic Engineering (Short Review)

Please see below for Peter Noble’s assessment of Dan Masterson’s The Story of Offshore Arctic Engineeringa book that uniquely relates the human history and the technical innovations developed in this harsh environment through research, testing, and applying many existing engineering principles to ice structure analysis.

“Masterson, a pioneer in Offshore Arctic Engineering, has written a book that should be read by all interested in this field of endeavor. The Story of Offshore Arctic Engineering is written in a narrative style and is part professional biography and part technical reference book.

 I have know Dan and his work for over 3 decades, although our technical disciplines are different, he a civil/structural engineer and I am a naval architect and ocean engineer, we came together under the Arctic offshore engineering umbrella with a small cadre of colleagues who were able to enjoy the excitement and challenges of working on projects at both geographical and technical frontiers.  Dan’s book brought back great memories of these times.”

Dan Masterson received a Doctoral Degree in Civil Engineering from Queen’s University, Canada, in 1972, which led to work with the Foundation Company of Canada on breakthrough structural engineering analysis of ice strength. He has combined his engineering background and practical farming approach in his work on ice construction tests and design methods. He is also the author of over a hundred research papers on Arctic testing, theory and practical applications. His book is available for purchase on our website at this link.


Book Review: The Story of Offshore Arctic Engineering

We are delighted to share a short review of Dan Masterson’s new book with Cambridge Scholars, entitled The Story of Offshore Arctic Engineering, written by Ken Croasdale. Dan’s book is available until the end of December for a cut-price £39.99 as part of our promotion celebrating the Winter Solstice – please click here to see more and grab a bargain before Christmas.

Dan Masterson is to be congratulated on writing an exciting personal history of his experience in Arctic offshore engineering. Written as a personal journey it has great interest. The technical content is also of great value as a reference for current and future practitioners in the offshore Arctic.

Offshore Arctic Engineering is currently going through a hiatus as resource extraction is at a low point. However, as the human population increases, there will likely be a renewal of interest and a growing need for Arctic resources. Although the ice conditions may be different with climate change, significant ice will still be there and present the kinds of challenges described in the book.

The Arctic is important for Canada and other nations with Arctic territory. The capability to operate there is important in its own right and requires competence in Arctic engineering in order to ensure safety and prevention of environmental harm. The development of the required competence and excellence in Arctic engineering is well-described in this book.

I was fortunate to see at first-hand some of the tremendous initiatives and innovations described. Dan Masterson and his colleagues are to be congratulated for their decades of dedication to technical and operational excellence and in pushing the frontiers of Arctic engineering knowledge. Knowledge which the author is now sharing with others.

We thank Dan Masterson, not only for his advances in Arctic engineering, but also for expending the considerable effort at this stage in his own personal journey to write it down for others to share.

Ken Croasdale, Calgary, December 2018