Call for Chapters: Edited collection on Eliza Rachel Félix (1821-1858)

Professor Nevena Stojanovic is seeking chapters for an edited collection on the life, oeuvre, and legacy of Eliza Rachel Félix (1821-1858). The deadline for submissions has been extended to September 1st 2018.

Scholars in the fields of literary and cultural studies, theatre, Jewish studies, history of art, journalism, etc. are encouraged to contribute. Possible topics include (but are not limited to):

  • Rachel as a Jewish actress
  • Rachel as a tragedienne
  • Rachel’s impact on the French theatre
  • Rachel’s influence on nineteenth-century actresses
  • Rachel as a symbol of resistance and revolution
  • Rachel as a national and international celebrity
  • Rachel’s private and public lives
  • Rachel’s biographers and their portrayals of her life and work
  • References and allusions to Rachel in nineteenth-, twentieth-, and twenty-first century literature

Please send your proposal (300-500 words) and a brief bio to Prof. Nevena Stojanovic at by September 1st 2018. Please type ‘edited collection on Rachel’ in the subject line. Feel free to contact Nevena if you have any queries. Cambridge Scholars Publishing is interested in publishing the collection, and our relevant information can be found below.

Important Publisher Information:

  • Cambridge Scholars Publishing Contributor Agreement — Cambridge Scholars Publishing’s Contributor Agreement is available by clicking here(PDF).
  • Cambridge Scholars Publishing Policies and Guidelines — Cambridge Scholars Publishing requires that bibliographic citations follow Chicago Manual of Style format. For additional manuscript guidelines, please click here (PDF).
  • Additional publishing policies and guidelines are available by clicking here.

Call for Chapters: What is Comparative Philosophy?

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Call for Chapters: Owen Barfield in Contemporary Contexts

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Call for Papers: Literacy, empathy and social sustainability collection, 30th April 2018

Call For Papers: Literacy, empathy and social sustainability collection

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

What role can reading fiction play in social literacy? This collection is a health, social sustainability and reading. Within nursing education and schools the reading of fiction is part of the curriculum but voices can be heard asking if it is really that necessary and how it is useful. Librarians deal with literature every day. A perspective that these professions three share is that fiction can be a bridge in helping practitioners understand different perspectives, experiences and cultures.

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Call for Papers: Web of Knowledge: A look into the Past, embracing the Future (17-19 May, 2018)

Web of  Knowledge: A look into the Past, embracing the Future

17-19 MAY 2018


The International Multidisciplinary Congress – Web of Knowledge: A look into the Past, embracing the Future will be held by IHC-CEHFCiHERCULES and CIDEHUS, Universidade de Évora, the special stakeholder, between 17-19 May 2018 in Évora, Portugal. The Congress will also have the scientific support of CESEM, CHAIA, ICAAM, and ICT.

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