Call for Papers: Culture in/and Academia: Culture between Aesthetics, Praxis, and Politics, 6-8 December 2017

Call for Papers

Culture in/and Academia: Culture between Aesthetics, Praxis, and Politics

6-8 December 2017

“Culture” is not an object to be described, neither is it a unified corpus of symbols and meanings that can be definitively interpreted. Culture is contested, temporal, and emergent. Representation and explanation—both by insiders and outsiders—is implicated in this emergence.

James Clifford, Writing Culture

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Call for Papers: 2nd International Conference on Maternal Mental Health in Africa (ICAMMHA), 21-25 November, 2017



We are pleased to invite you to the 2nd International Conference on Maternal Mental Health in Africa (ICAMMHA) to be held in Lilongwe, Malawi on November 21-25, 2017. ICAMMHA as a new flagship mental health conference focuses on innovation in Maternal Mental Health in Africa with emphasis on research, practice and innovations. The conference features world-class plenary speeches, distinguished Symposium talks, exhibits, oral and poster sessions, and panels. ICAMMHA is comprised of research papers, international position papers and best practice abstracts on responses to the call-for-proposals.

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Call for chapters: Rethinking language and literature in a changing world

Call for chapters in English or French for the edited volume Rethinking language and literature in a changing world

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing


  • Dr Genevoix Nana, the Open University, UK
  • Dr Andrew Tata Ngeh, University of Buea, Cameroon

Edited volumes seldom call for contributions in two different fields. By combining language and literature, two closely related disciplines, this volume hopes to bring together chapters presenting original research that focuses on the intersection of language and literature and how the teaching and use of the former construes classroom and societal reality and spurs linguistic and literary creativity. While the volume is broad in scope, it particularly welcomes papers that demonstrate how language transcends boundaries in education and literary creation and seek to cogently highlight in their analytical approach the intricacies of linguistic transformation.

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Call for Articles: Modern Migration: Breaking Mental Borders

Call for Articles

Modern Migration: Breaking Mental Borders

Submission deadline: 31.7.2017

The notion of national borders is commonly seen as geographical boundaries that protect culture, language, land rights, and the well-being of those who live within. However, according to a UN study, the number of people living outside their birth place borders is growing faster than the world’s population, with over 244 million people living abroad. As a result of globalisation, these numbers are expected to increase as a result of a growing need for many to find work, study, or flee from war-torn areas. It appears that national borders are more permeable today than ever.  Will the concept of borders known in the past change as it adapts to this new trend? Perhaps in the digital age issues surrounding migration is a matter of mental borders needing to be examined. And, by attempting to break mental borders, can some measure of world peace be gained?

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