Cambridge Scholars Publishing expand subject coverage and open new representative offices

Cambridge Scholars Publishing have launched an expansion programme in science and technology book publishing, building on their historic base in Humanities and Social Sciences.

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Man of Straw

It is perhaps typical that the only person whom the pro-Turkish government brigade could wheel out for yet another partitionist tirade on Cyprus should be a pseudo-left winger, the discredited politician Jack Straw, who lied his way through the Iraq enquiry, was involved in extraordinary renditions and torture, and later in a shady political lobbying affair, boasting to two undercover journalists that he ‘operated under the radar’, and had used his influence to change EU rules on behalf of a firm which paid him £60,000 a year. Given that the Turkish government uses various PR and lobbying companies, one is inclined to wonder why he has been wheeled out to write an article in The Independent (1 October) calling for partition in Cyprus. Is he being paid? And does it mean yet another desperate attempt to foist on the people of Cyprus another pseudo-solution, which would consign the island to a NATO-controlled pro-Turkish semi-state

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Giacomo Meyerbeer – 5/9/1791 – 2/5/1864

Today, 5th September, marks Giacomo Meyerbeer’s 226th birthday. Born Jacob Leibmann Beer, Meyerbeer had an immensely successful musical career, becoming the most frequently performed composer at the leading opera houses of the nineteenth century. Meyerbeer was born into a wealthy Jewish family, just outside of Berlin. His parents had close ties with the Prussian court, and the family were constantly surrounded by the Prussian intelligentsia.

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