A new focus on sciences

We are now accepting publishing proposals in Life Sciences, Health Sciences and Physical Sciences, as well as continuing to publish in our core field of Social Sciences.

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Pluralism, Pragmatism and American Democracy

I am not so sure that I would put great faith in a revitalization of the pragmatic tradition, as such. It is something that can be drawn on, certainly. But the people most closely identified with the current revival of pragmatism, with some important exceptions, seem to me more a part of the problem. In a way, that is what the book functions to show. It is often stated that Emersonian philosophy lost its grip on the country in light of its inability to deal with the excesses of the Gilded Age –more or less as the prior “common sense” philosophy failed to deal with the problems of the country leading up to the Civil War. We are presently in a new Gilded Age arising from globalization. Among the pragmatists, I am closest to William James –who knew Gilded Age politics from the inside.

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