New Book Review: Mr Justice McCardie (1869–1933): Rebel, Reformer and Rogue Judge

Antony Lentin’s book Mr Justice McCardie (1869–1933): Rebel, Reformer and Rogue Judge has been reviewed in the May issue one of the leading journals of ecclesiastical law and history, the Ecclesiastical Law Journal by Dr Henry Kha of the Macquarie University.  The review is available here (requires subscription), and an indicative excerpt is below:

“Antony Lentin provides a vivid narrative on a rather eccentric and avant-garde judge, whose name and reputation has largely faded away from memory. The book is divided into seven substantive chapters that chronicle the life and times of McCardie. Lentin has researched widely and draws upon newspaper articles, case law, statute, private letters, journal articles and books. The biography is full of black and white photos and fascinating anecdotes that flow naturally in chronological order. It is written descriptively with constant sonorous diction, rather than being filled with trenchant legal analysis. […] Lentin’s biography is a welcome addition to the paucity of scholarship on McCardie. The book provides a good overview of his judicial career and it is suitable for those with a general interest in legal history.”

Mr Justice McCardie (1869–1933): Rebel, Reformer and Rogue Judge is available to purchase directly from Cambridge Scholars by clicking here.


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