New review of Laura Pinnavaia’s book Food and Drink Idioms in English: “A Little Bit More Sugar and Lots of Spice”

We are pleased to share a new review of Laura Pinnavaia’s book, Food and Drink Idioms in English: “A Little Bit More Sugar and Lots of Spice”, published in 3L: Language, Linguistics, Literature, The Southeast Asian Journal of English Language Studies. Authored by the Editor-in-Chief of the journal, Assoc Prof Dr Tan Kim Hua, it is a positive and thoughtful review that highlights the book’s contribution to contemporary language and linguistics. The review can be read in full here, and below is an excerpt from Hua’s conclusion:

“Food and Drink Idioms in English ‘A Little Bit More Sugar and Lots of Spice” is an intensely in-depth exploration into the linguistic history of idioms that we often take for granted and use without a thought, and a fascinating examination of the evolution of language through exposures to different cultures and diets that demonstrate in the most basic of terms ‘we are what we eat’. […] Pinnavaia’s research comes to a satisfying conclusion where exploration has revealed that idioms follow clear patterns in form and function, and endorses the notion that “idioms are not merely appendages of language, but central and effective instruments of communications” put forward by phraseology research of the last few decades.”

The book is available to be purchased directly from Cambridge Scholars – please click here to be taken to the book page on our website.


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