Call for Chapters: Engaging Non Governmental Organizations and Actors in Sustainable Development

Dr Sana Moid is seeking chapters for an edited collection entitled Engaging Non Governmental Organizations and Actors in Sustainable Development, which will be published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing. The deadline for submissions is August 15th 2018.Dr Moid would welcome contributions to the collection on any of the following topics:

  • Non Governmental Organizations and their role in Sustainable Development
  • Sustainable development encompassing a broader spectrum
  • Green Finance
  • NGOs and Global Environmental Governance
  • Environmental NGOs in an Emerging Global Civil Society
  • Participation of Non-Governmental Organizations in the World Trade Organization
  • International NGOs, Global Governance and Social Policy in the UN System
  • NGOs and Development Theory
  • NGOs role in contemporary development practice
  • Governance of NGOs
  • Role of NGOs in improvement of livelihood
  • Growth policies of NGOs
  • NGOs in the changing organizational landscape
  • Strengthening the role of NGOs: Partners for Sustainable Development
  • Sustainable Development Planning
  • History, growth, and funding of nongovernmental organizations (NGOs)
  • Role of NGOs in social development, community development, and sustainable development.
  • NGOs and business partnerships
  • Role of NGOs and sustainable consumption
  • Role of NGOs in Basic Education
  • Sustainable Development and Popular Participation:  A Framework for Analysis
  • The Intersection between Cultural NGOs and Sustainable Development
  • Sustainability for NGO in International Development
  • Governance, Legal and Policy Analysis
  • Development Perspective of Supreme Court of India & Green Justice
  • Role of Government in Sustainable Development Goals related to water
  • Mandatory Corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability in India
  • Sustainable Development & International law

Case studies on the above themes covering emerging economies are also welcomed.

Timeline for Submissions

Three page proposal including introduction, literature review and contribution to literature – as well as objectives and aims: August 15th 2018

Notification of accepted proposals: September 15th 2018

Submission deadline: October 30th 2018

Full chapter submissions can also be sent, which should include most of following sub sections:

  • Introduction
  • Literature Review and Background to Topic
  • Main issues and focus of chapter/ Methodology
  • Data Analysis/ results
  • Recommendations
  • Conclusions

Proposals should be mailed at either or within the above mentioned timelines. Please contact with any questions or queries.



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