Cambridge Scholars Publishing expand subject coverage and open new representative offices

Cambridge Scholars Publishing have launched an expansion programme in science and technology book publishing, building on their historic base in Humanities and Social Sciences.

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The book that forms a foundation for professionals to make a mark in Recruitment and TA

It is uncanny that, even after 25 years in the hiring solutions business, I hardly find any top notch recruitment practitioner who doesn’t confess that they forayed into Recruitment/Talent Acquisition by chance, luck or fate. I cannot remember anyone ever saying that when they grew up they wanted to be a recruiter/TA specialist!

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CSP author Shahnaz Shoro provides guest lecture at WEN February meeting

Cambridge Scholars author Dr Shahnaz Shoro was honoured to provide the guest lecture at the last monthly meeting of the Writers and Editors Network (WEN), an organization dedicated to encouraging and promoting the art and skill of writing and editing. It aims to foster literacy and to assist, empower and provide moral support to writers and editors from all disciplines.

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The Historical Enigma of the Snake Woman from Antiquity to the 21st Century

Angela Giallongo’s book The Historical Enigma of the Snake Woman offers an excitingly thought-provoking evaluation of the snake woman coursing through history, particularly the Gorgon Medusa, while encapsulating hybrid creatures like Mélusine, Echidna, the Furies or Erinyes, the Hydra and the Basilisk. Giallongo draws her readers through a captivating trail of history, mythology, philosophy, literature and narrative to show how such creatures came to represent woman as the Other, through her deathly gaze and serpentine locks.

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Competing on Talent in Today’s Business World: A Blueprint for New Ways of Hiring

Competing on Talent in Today’s Business World: A Blueprint for New Ways of Hiring now available from Cambridge Scholars Publishing

Hardback, pp290, £61.99 / $105.95

Cambridge Scholars Publishing is pleased to announce the publication of Competing on Talent in Today’s Business World: A Blueprint for New Ways of Hiring by Pradeep Sahay.

It is currently an exciting time for organizations with regard to the recruitment of talent. The business and organizational pressures for finding and hiring the best people could not be greater. Recruitment has not changed as a process – a vacancy still needs a suitable hire. However, the landscape, tools, technologies, behaviors and expectations regarding how an organization approaches sourcing and acquiring talent are changing rapidly. This book chronicles one organization’s journey as it goes about re-orienting the focus of its talent acquisition capability from the current reactive process to a strategic and proactive program capable of consistently sourcing and recruiting the very best people available. Forward-looking companies are seizing this opportunity to create a true competitive advantage in talent sourcing and acquisition. They are focusing on fine-tuning the fundamentals, while devoting increased time and planning to the more strategic areas of talent acquisition, including workforce planning and strategic sourcing. Their best-in-class approaches elevate recruitment from a transactional, short-term focused activity to a strategic, integrated, long-term approach that optimizes their investments in people. Continue reading

Writing “Competing on Talent”

WHO KNOWS what form the forward momentum of life will take in the time ahead or what use it will make of our anguished searching. The most that any of us can seem to do is to fashion something – an object or ourselves – and drop it into the confusion, make an offering of it, so to speak, to the life force. ERNEST BECKER, The Denial of Death

About two years ago, I set out to write the story of that elusive quest to uncover how to hire and how to hire well and imagine a better future for organizations in their hiring ways. Today, the first copies of the book arrived – neatly boxed and orderly. I laughed to myself because the process to get to this perfectly packed box was far from orderly. Assembling, dissembling and reassembling the manuscript, it was a lot like carpentry, hammering and sawing and sanding. In fact, that was half the fun, and it’s why I wanted to write about it in the midst of experiencing it.

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Meet our Authors: Elizabeth McNamer – February 2018

Dr Elizabeth McNamer is Assistant Professor and holder of the Zarek Chair of Religious Thought at Rocky Mountain College, USA. She serves on the Board of the Bethsaida Excavation Project, and has authored the book The First Century of Christianity in Jerusalem as well as several articles on archaeology and scripture.

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